Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Buying umbrella insurance from Brooks Cannon Insurance Group can safeguard you when you are at risk. Many people mistakenly think that umbrella insurance is only designed for wealthy individuals. It's a worthwhile decision to procure umbrella insurance from Texas as long as you earn a livelihood. Did you know that your wages can get garnished as a part of a legal settlement? If you lose a lawsuit, it can have devastating financial effects on your assets and future income. It's, therefore, crucial to purchase umbrella insurance, as it provides an additional liability shield when your homeowners and auto insurance get depleted. Speak to our experienced agents and learn how you can obtain umbrella insurance that meets your needs and budget.

Why should you have umbrella insurance?

Buying proper umbrella insurance in Texas is of ultimate necessity because it harbors the following benefits:

  • To protect yourself: What happens when a guest injures themselves on your premises, and they sue you? Liability insurance will reimburse for medical costs and legal defense fees if they go beyond liability coverage on homeowners’ coverage.
  • To safeguard yourself after an accident and getting sued: After your auto insurance gets depleted, the umbrella insurance kicks in and covers the outstanding liability up to the policy limits.
  • To cushion yourself from scenarios not covered by other policies: Did you know that a single post on social media could expose you to an open lawsuit? Luckily, umbrella insurance can safeguard you against libel, slander, or wrongful arrests.

What is covered under umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance safeguards you against liability if you are deemed liable for bodily injury and property damage. This policy extends its protection to your dependents and family members living with the policyholder. The following events get covered:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Funeral costs
  • Auto accidents
  • Legal fees and defense costs
  • Libel
  • Landlord liability
  • Shock or mental anguish
  • Malicious protection

Are you a Texas resident searching for reliable umbrella insurance that broadens your auto or homeowners’ liability after an accident? Please call or visit us at Brooks Cannon Insurance Group today and get more information about umbrella insurance.