Renters Insurance in Texas

Texas is a booming place with plenty of current and future residents renting properties. Many wonder if they need renters’ insurance – or if the state requires them to get coverage. The short answer is Texas law doesn't require renters to get insurance.

At Brooks Cannon Insurance Group, we want you to make informed choices about renters’ insurance and understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

However, as with most things in life, there are exceptions. For example, some landlords in Texas may require renters’ insurance in their lease contracts. Additionally, many renters are responsible for any structural damage caused by accidents resulting from a tenant's actions if they don't have coverage.

In most cases, the landlord's home insurance policy covers damage from covered losses from catastrophes like fire, wind, or water. Additionally, landlords must cover damage from any structural issues such as electrical problems, plumbing, and roof repairs.

The exception is that your personal belongings – like clothing, furniture, or electronics – are not the landlord's responsibility. It is your responsibility to replace these items if they're damaged or destroyed by a catastrophe.

But, if you have renters’ insurance, you can file a reimbursement claim on your personal property damaged by a covered catastrophe. Additionally, you may need renters’ insurance if you have pets. You may need a dog-bite policy or additional coverage for any damage – both indoors and outdoors – your pets may cause.

Although renters’ insurance isn't required by law in Texas, it may be a smart choice to get a quote and learn more about how coverage can protect you as a renter in Texas. At Brooks Cannon Insurance Group, we are ready to answer your questions about renters’ insurance.