Commercial Insurance in Texas

It is wise to consider obtaining a commercial insurance policy to protect your business against various work-related accidents, property damage, and even illness. Without the necessary protection, you risk putting your business and finances at risk. We offer various coverage options to protect your business here at Brooks Cannon Insurance Group.

Commercial Insurance Requirements

Business owners in Texas are not legally required to obtain insurance. Texas is the only state that doesn't legally require businesses to carry it as far as workers' compensation. However, workers' compensation is required for businesses that have a contract with an entity of the government. Additionally, businesses that choose not to obtain workers' comp or other liability coverage put their company at risk since they will have very minimal legal protection if anything were to happen.

Insurance Coverage Options

You may want to consider any of the following coverage options to protect your company:

  • General liability- This coverage option is a must-have because it protects your business against property damage and bodily injury claims such as slip and fall accidents, etc. It will also protect your company against advertising and personal injuries.
  • Commercial auto- If you own a commercial vehicle, you need to make sure that you obtain auto insurance if you use your company vehicle to make deliveries or travel between various job sites.
  • Business owners' policy- This is a combination of liability and property coverage in one policy. It is perfect for businesses of a smaller size.
  • Professional liability- This coverage is perfect for companies that provide professional services as it protects against alleged or actual negligence.
  • Cyber insurance- This coverage will protect you against cyber-attacks or data breaches and is necessary to have if your company stores customer data.


To obtain a quote for commercial insurance, please visit Brooks Cannon Insurance today. We serve all of Texas.